Tanner McCowan


Tanner McCowan, Second City Alumni, is a talented, experienced producer, writer, and director in short films such as Melting Down presented in Kanab Film Festival and Desertscape International Film Festival and for his most recent short film titled Chasing Shadows, which is currently in it's festival run. He was awarded 'Best Screenplay' for Chasing Shadows at it's first screening, and he was recently awarded the Rising Star of the Year Award for his First Haunt script at Desertscape International Film Festival. 

Jordan Price Palmer


Jordan Palmer is an international, experienced cinematographer born in Calgary, Canada. He discovered a love for image creation at a young age and his passion and dedication has led him to his experience in short films and photography. His work has been featured in online news such as Irish Central and Utah Tech University magazine. He was head of BTS Photography for the Groundbreaking Series Ireland. Jordan is also known for his works on short films Baby Tripping, Deliberation, Horse Girls, Don’t Listen to the Cricket, Chasing Shadows, and Barren. He was awarded Best Cinematographer at the first screening for short film ‘Horse Girls’. Rest assured that Jordan Palmer will bring beautiful cinematography to this soon-to-be favorite movie night classic. 

Andrea Bustillo


Andrea Bustillo is a Honduran, experienced producer with experience in feature documentaries, tv series, short films and tv advertising. She first discovered her love for storytelling when she was a young girl and would write stories and share them with her family. She has a passion for filmmaking because through films she can share stories and portray reality or what reality could be through images. Andrea has a production coordinator credit in the feature documentary Tomb of Joseph, a production assistant credit in Groundbreaking Series Ireland, and producing credits in short films Black Sheep, Deliberation, Neurosis, Baby Tripping, Flint&Bullet, and The Rest of Us. She was awarded ‘Best Producer’ in the first screening of the short film Black Sheep. 

Kaylan Walker

Assistant Director

Kaylan Walker from Meridian Idaho, born December 28th, 2000. She discovered her love for film and video production while studying news broadcasting. She won National Champion from the Business Professionals of America and later would study filmmaking at university. While in film school, Kaylan worked in many capacities including Director, Director of Photography, and Assistant Director. She worked on her first feature film as First Assistant Director only weeks after graduating film school. She loves her puppy Rylie Roo the Dog and her boyfriend Jordan the DoP.

Hannah Kenrick

Editor/Script Supervisor

Hannah Kenrick is an Editor and Script Supervisor from Hartland, Michigan. She started at Utah Tech University where she graduated with honors and received her bachelor's degree in Digital Film. During her time with the Digital Film department, she script supervised on more than a dozen short films and won the award of “Best Editor” twice. Hannah also directed and edited the comedic short film, Dead End, that is currently in its film festival run. Some of her fondest memories include the time she spent on the set of First Haunt and working in post-production. She is passionate about storytelling through editing and she is excited to share this new film with you!

Joe Griffith


Joe Griffith is a young filmmaker from Wheat Ridge, CO. He first fell in love with filmmaking his junior year of high school, which quickly translated to film school. At 18 years old, he moved to St. George, UT to attend film school where he fell into a small community of student filmmakers. 3 and half years later he had his bachelors and a role in a community of amazingly talented filmmakers.